I am a Gym Teacher that uses weights and conditioning as my tools.

People get accustomed to giving me feedback (often breaking Rule 67, but hey...I remind them)  They not only give me feedback regarding their physical condition, but often I get insight into their mental stresses and strains as well.

I hear things that a lot of people don't get to hear.  People confide in me because they know first, how much I care, and two...The Buck STOPS with me.

We joke...I'm like Vegas.  What goes on here...STAYS here!

When someone tells me a "secret", I KEEP it a secret until that person confides in someone else WITH ME BEING PRESENT.

My own wife doesn't get privy to some of the stuff people tell me.

1. No need to stress HER out

2. It doesn't involve her and I DO NOT have permission to share!

When you are told a secret...KEEP IT!

Today's Training:

3 Board Press for 3 reps.

Work up to 80% of what you did last week and STOP.

Bench for Reps:

Get rid of the boards and do full range presses

Men: 5x10@135 or 165 for the bigger lifters

Women: 5x10@75

Bent over V Bar Rows (We used the "Landmine" as the anchor for the one end of the bar)

Men: 5x10x75

Women: 5x10@25

Pull Ups: 4x1/2 max reps

Tricep Ext: 3x10

Bicep Curl: 3x10

Face Pulls v. Medium Band: 3x15