I am a home body.  I like my house, where I live and my stuff.  I am asked often to meet, go over to, or go out with friends.  I answer upon request...Yes or No.  More often NO!  Inevitably the next question becomes "why not?"  I never feel compelled to answer that question.  There is no need to.

When pressed, I ask if they prefer me to lie to them by saying YES and pull a no show?

Yes or No suffices quite nicely.  No need to pad things here.

If you answer YES, then participate willingly with reckless abandon and feverish perversion.

Today's training:

Dynamic Squat: 8x2@55%

Dead Lift: 5x10@165 for the men and 95 for the women.  (girls are to use the bumper plates)

Reverse Hypers: 3x10

Suspended Knee Ups: 5x10