To be better than the percentage of people out there:

#60 - Show Up!  To be better than 80% of all people,  just SHOW UP!  On your job, on your team, wherever...Show up.

#61- Be On Time!  To be better than 10% more bringing you up to the 90th percentile, don't just show up, be on time!  That means if you show up for a 9:00 appointment AT Nine o'clock, you are 10 minutes LATE!  Be on time might mean you leave your house earlier than planned.  Leave work to get home "on time".  Traffic is NOT an excuse.  Neither is someone holding you up elsewhere.  Politely tell the other parties that you need to be somewhere, but Be On Time!

#62-Dressed and ready to play!!!  That means clean up your act.  Remember when you gave the reason "because everyone else is doing it"?  Yea, your folks were correct.  When everyone is Zig'n it's your turn to shine and ZAG!  Dress the part and be professional.  (Maybe wear sleeves in the gym with arms smaller than 18"???)  Put on a tie.  Where a shirt that FITS.  Dress in trousers or coaching shorts.  I don't wear shoes, but I put on sandals when I need to present myself.  Take pride in what you appear to be.  You get only one shot at a first impression.

Ready to play will put you ahead of 99% of ALL people.  You have no excuses!  I didn't sleep last night, I tossed and turned.  My neighbor's house burned down, I don't feel like it, I have a cold.  I don't like my team mate.  I need to find myself.  I'm not hydrated.  I had too many milk and cookies...all excuses.  Show up READY!  The chin straps are buckled, the mouth piece is IN.  I'm tuned into what needs to be done to meet THIS objective.

That's it.

Show up! Be On Time!!  Dressed and ready to play!!!


Today's training:

Dynamic Squat

Dead Lift

Reverse Hyper

Combat Chassis work