Rut Roh...Not again....Wed 6/10/2020 SUPER LEGS!!!

Complete the following as a round.  You are to do FIVE TOTAL ROUNDS in this order.

1. Squat x 20

2a. Split Squat: (left foot forward of the rear by a good long stride distance of the right) x 20

2b. Split Squat: (right foot forward) x 20

3. Squat (again) x 20

4a. Rear Stepping Lunge moving the right leg back: x 20

4b. Rear Stepping Lunge moving the left leg back: x 20

5.  Squat w/ momentum up onto the tippy toes: x 20

6.  Jump Squat:x 20  Just leave the ground by an inch or so.  No need to slam dunk basketballs.  Make sure to land soft by absorbing the shock bending the knees upon impact.

7. Jump Lunge: X 20  Get into the split squat stance, spring up and switch your leg position in the air land soft, spring back up changing the leg position back to it's original starting position.  Count will be 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 etcetera etcetera....


THAT is ONE complete set.  You have FOUR MORE additional rounds.

Don't punk out.  #6 and #7 are going to GAS the fuck out of you.  Rest only as needed but keep moving

Drink plenty of water...even during the round if you need to.

If you feel faint of heart, dizzy, light headed, or your going to have a coronary...GOOD!  You're doing it correctly.  Suck it up buttercup, rub some dirt on it, put your mouthpiece back in and tighten up your chin strap..This road is going to get bumpy!!!!  Muahahahahahahahaha

You will be doing the "Harry Shuffle" by Friday afternoon if not immediately.  You'll be able to scratch you now lifted ass by scratching the back of your head.  That's where you'll find your butt.


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