Saving it For a Special Occassion

Not too long ago I trained a rather eccentric man.  He had great taste in clothes, cars, food and wine.

Once a week he would bring me a bottle from his extensive wine cellar and treat me with it and a story that gave the bottle meaning.

I would ask him if I should save it for a "Special Occassion" as some of the bottles were quite expensive when I tried to replace a good tasting one.

He would always answer me with, "Yes!  Save it for a Tuesday evening and pair it with a pizza"  I would look at him and smile because he knew I understood...Everyday is a special occasion and should be celebrated as such.

If you keep waiting for a special occasion you will string so many uneventful days together that you'll look back and realize how boring a life you had lead.

Celebrate!  It's fucking Monday, July 27th...2020.  A damn good day!


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 mins

Dead Lift v bands: 20x1x40%

Back Extensions: 4x15

Ab Wheel: 4x15

Over head Backward Med Ball Throw: 20x1

Calf Raise: 100

Push Ups: 20

Plank: 3x 40/20

Crunch: 100

Bike Commute: 20 minutes

Sprints: 10x50

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