Trained shoulders with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in kalamazoo.  I've been pretty beat up lately and have started running into the problem of running a low grade fever again (if anyone remembers my issues from years ago, I used to have a big problem with that) so I decided to take most of the week of Thanksgiving off from the gym.
I trained Monday and Tuesday and then took Wednesday through Sunday off.   I ended up driving over to the East side of the state to do some hunting with my skunked though.  Saw plenty of deer...but the bastards stayed out of range the whole time.

I was kind of rushed and had only sighted my muzzleloader to about 60 yards before hand, hoping it wouldn't be a big issue....but I never had one come in closer than about 150 yards.   I almost took a shot on a big doe at about 150 yards but decided against it.


reverse pec deck:

Dumbell presses:
1x15 50s
1x12 60s
1x10 85s
1x10 110s

Seated smith machine:
1x10 135lb
3x15 225lb

Run-the-rack laterals:
1x10 55s
1x10 35s
1x10 25s
1x10 15s
1x10 just my arms

Behind the back shrugs:
4x15 225lbs

Nothing spectactular about the session.  My shoulders aren't really ever a weak point and tend to overpower my chest so I don't really go to crazy on them any more--just enough to get the blood flowing and not get injured.