Trained Shoulders with Randy Howard and Emmet Browne at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.

My chest tends to lag behind my shoulders so we started out with a steep incline dumbell press to sort of hit upper chest and front delts together.

Steep incline dumbell presses:
1x20 40s
1x15 60s
1x12 90s
2x12 120s
2x15 100s

Reverse Pec Deck:

Standing military press:
4x10 135lb

Front raises:
3x15 65lb

Run-the-rack laterals (one long set)
1x6 60s
1x8 40s
1x8 30s
1x10 20s
1x10 12s
1x20 arms


I think that's all we did...was a pretty quick workout with decent volume.  I've really been dealing with joint issues lately so you'll probably see my workouts looking different than normal for a while.  I'm trying to maintain my intensity by using higher volume and less rest between sets.  I still try to go as heavy as I can, but with the multiple top-weight sets on each movement with little rest between, the weights are quite a bit lower than i can do when I'm training more in the "powerbodybuilding" style I like to train