One thing Gen X powerlifters need to understand about today: at no time in the sport have the lifters had as much control as they have today. They have more control than they even know.


Case in point: if you know the history of the sport  (and everyone should),  you know the power the federations and companies that support the sport had. Some of it good, but most of it destructive. The early federation breakaways were not because someone "wanted" to, it "needed" to be done.


In less than a decade, we've seen a division created that didn't exist before. From the '80s onward, there wasn't a division for raw. There was single ply and multiply.  If someone lifted raw, it was rare, and they were normally asked if they needed to borrow a suit.


Today, against the best interests of the federations and companies, the sport is 90% raw. Multiply is hanging on by a thread and single ply is right behind it.


We can bitch, make jokes, have fun, and bust balls the way generations always have, but we must tip our hats to the first generation that really owns the sport!


By the way, I can't think of any other sport where this has happened.


To the lifters of today: you vote by choosing where to lift. You now see the federations, meet directors, and supporting companies are here to serve you.


Don't lose this position, take responsibility and be accountable. The future of the sport is where YOU take it.


It's taken decades to get to this point and you will never know the battles, sacrifices, lawsuits, backstabbing, and infighting that led to a place where this could happen.


While myself and many others joke and make fun of what we see today and don't like some of it, the sport has always been this way.


Don't think for a moment we don't support the sport. We all do.


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