If you're going to tell me you "live" for Powerlifting, you might want to check your shit first.


If it's your life, your walkout should be solid, your bench tight, and your deadlift locked in.


Moonwalking your walk out, blowing air out (at the rate of a compressor) on the decent of your bench, and cat-stretching your pull is a shitty way to live this "life" of yours.


Hitting "sick" ammonia, socks of Davy Jones, bellowing chants to Odin and bone & skulls on a singlet don't make you hardcore.


What's really hardcore?



More weight on the fucking bar



...with solid technique.


If you really "live for it", prove it. Do it for ten years first. You have to love it before you live it and...


Love hurts.


Those who are really paying their dues are too busy dealing with the costs to brag about how awesome they are.





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