Dear Pop Culture Lifters,




Here is a video of (fill in exercise) that my (fill in anybody that's not you) took from my last training session. This was (fill in weight) for (fill in reps) and wasn't my best day, but excellent for me considering (fill in injury). I was worn out from (fill in excuse) but was still able to make it to the gym.


I look forward to training for (fill in undetermined goal) as I will be ready to ( fill in motivational execution statement like crush it).


I hope you have a great (fill in week or training session).


(list a bunch of hastags for maximum exposure)



->  Never list your max competetion lifts, only Wilks

-> Always note any World Record you have regarless of how insignificant it is.

-> If you are built to Deadlift, never post a Bench Press, only post what you are good at.

-> Never us the word "we" - always use the word "I"

-> Angles are everything. Never do the lift until the camera angle is perfect.

-> If there has to be a choice between having a spotter or someone to film your lift, screw the spotter.

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