... calling yourself a Powerlifting coach and bragging up PRs, if your clients can't walk a squat out solid!


This is similar to an O-line coach bragging how great they are, when their lineman can't line up correctly and then get blown the hell off the ball.


If you don't want to teach this correctly, then use a freaking monolift. If not, come on! It's not that freaking hard. .


You're clients hire you for help. Setting up right is critical to the lift. Do what you're being paid for and expected to do! .


If you're clueless about what I mean, then figure it out!


I hate to keep sounding like the angry vet lifter who gets fired up over this shit but come on!


It's a walkout!


We are not talking different styles of squatting or training here. .

Wanna see what I mean? Look through your social feeds this week and look at all the Fire dancing walkouts. If you're feed is like mine you might find 2-3 good walkouts, many trimmed out and a shit ton of WTF is that!

Then look at see what coach is tagged. If it sucks and you look at the lifters feed and they have been tagging the coach more than a few months... that coach sucks and I don't care who they are. .

They might know their shit, be great lifters, have a ton of clients but they don't care enough to teach the one thing that sets up everything that follows..


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