Smoke on the water...

The wildfire season is upon us.  I can take the heat and humidity.  As a matter of fact, I love the hot weather.  But with it comes the wildfires.

Sure a campfire is nice and the way it makes things smell can be fun too, but when the air becomes so dense with the smoke of thousands and thousands of acres that ablaze, and your chest becomes "tight" when you simply walk to your mailbox, then precautions need to take place.

The was a balancing act between not opening up the doors to the gym to keep the smoke out (ash is all over the vehicles and as the daylight hits, it looks like it's snowing) and making sure all the fans were on so the stifling heat didn't affect us too bad.

So, on the fly, I adjusted our training today to the following:

AirDyne 40 minutes (me at home in the air conditioning watching Season I Episodes 1 and 2 of NCIS...pretty cool)

Pull Up Hell: 5x140 reps

Preacher Cable Curls w/ a four count contraction and no rest at the bottom: 3x10



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