10 minutes Occlusion Training Arms (giant set triceps pushdowns, overhead triceps ext, hammer curl, dbell bicep curls)

Abs, neck and light upper back work sprinkled throughout

Weighted Dips 4 sets of 5, keep adjusting setting on device to work ROM slowly better

Floor Pause fly--4 sets of 10

Incline Cable Fly---6,10,15,15

Sled Fly  4 sets 20 yards (video of the sled fly)

Took My son to the circus and road elephants, we sat ringside and were called up as active participants, he must like the attention at two years old he led the place in dancing lol

Squats 5 singles (went heavier than planning felt good)
T bar Prison Rows 5 sets of 5
Occlusion leg Ext
Single Leg Band Leg Curl
neck ab work
Went heavy on the wheel barrow for 4 trips see video

Will update the rest later


Any circus with in 100 miles we are there!! Luke and I riding an elephant

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