Someone needs to hear this...

I am NOT a hocus pocus kind of guy.  I do believe that we have a 'Spirit" that does live in each of us, and when mine raises his voice I listen. (Too often I haven't and things would go south in a hurry).

Someone needs to hear this and they need to hear it now.

Tomorrow wouldn't be the same without you!

That is all

Carry on


Today's Training:

Run: 3 mile  Fat man slow

Pull Up Hell: 100 Reps in Five different hand positions

C/S Row: 25 reps in 4 different hand position

Bike Commute: 20 minutes



What the Teams did:

DB Row: 4x12x Heavy

Straight Arm Pulldown: 4x10

C/S Row: 4x10

Concept II Row: 12 minutes

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