Sometimes, the Only way to stay sane

Today's climate everyone is a bit pissed off at SOMETHING if nothing. Some are pissed at everything and I am beginning to see the pattern unfold right before me.

I have always used humor to defuse otherwise tense situations.  So why not apply the twisted outlook before anyone can say anything?

This fella walks into my program today jovial and quite pleased with himself after missing the first tryout practice and being late today.

I hit him right between the eyes with "Gunnery Sgt. Hartman" from "Full Metal Jacket" by saying..."Holy dog shit!  Look what the fuck just rolled in.  Do you think I'm happy with you?  Is that why you are smiling at me like you and I are best friends?  Let me tell you something, you are nothing to me.  You aren't my friend nor am I yours.  You wasted my time Friday and yet again this morning.  You'll be buying snacks and gifts for all the people you have no consideration for, your would be teammates.  But I will say this, I weed out all non hackers and currently you fill the bill!"

Well...everyone around him knew it was coming because each of them had to go through it.  Yes, Hazing is still alive and well...and it is GLORIOUS.  The team went up to the guy to make sure he was ok.  Thats what we do.

But...we all had fun...AT HIS EXPENSE.

No politics

No pandemic

No filters

What will happen next?  This guy won' t be able to contain himself once he is no longer the FNG.  The NEW FNG will  be the focus for HIS abuse.

Attack with reckless abandon and feverish perversion!  (My boys love that saying)


Today's Training:

Run: 3.1

Dead Lift: 4 Rep Max with a PRE of 8

Reverse Hyper w/ a hold at the contraction: 4x10

Single Leg Box Squat: 5x5 each leg

Single  Leg RDL W/ Contralateral Arm Reach: 5x5x5 each leg

Arm Circles: 3x10x 5 lbs Indian Club

DB Rear Delt with scapular retraction emphasis: 3x10

DB Lateral Rais: 3x10x20

Bouncing KB Shrugs: 4x10x56

Bike Commute: 17 minutes w/o trying too hard

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