I'm not talking about quality alone time with a spouse or a friend.  I'm talking ALONE-alone.

I get my day started at 0330.  That's 3:30 AM!  I don't use an alarm clock, I just have an internal clock that tells me..."you've had enough sleep, let's go play".

I quietly slip out of bed and my tell tale indicator that I am Ninja quiet is if I can sneak up on my Bernese Mountain Dog.

I do my morning rituals and head into the kitchen to prepare breakfast and my post training snacks.

Quietly, I exit and stir NO ONE!

I make the quick trip to the gym and roughly an hour of my day, I am alone, with my own thoughts and prayers.

I am not distracted by anything nor am I removed from who or what I am doing or thinking.  I get to "self examine" and allowed the mental time to self resolve.

I am a people person, and enjoy making people strong, fit, and healthy along with making them laugh!  But I am equally comfortable with being absolutely alone for my time to reflect and make changes to my emotional state.  I become more aware of what the day's objective are and my plan of attack to implement them.  I also find this time to check my stress levels and find it to be refreshingly calming.

It is in this alone time that I can "AMP" up my energy levels to greet my early morning participants with energy and vigor.  NOTHING worse than someone who is suppose to help YOU get amp'd and get holstered guns and blood shot eyes.

Spend a few minutes of alone-alone time.  No distractions and self centered!

See if you don't handle the day's challenges better!


Today's Training:


2 Board 5 rep Bench:

Beat last weeks number

Make 10% increases per set

Out lift last weeks number by 5-10 pounds


Overhead Press:


85 for men; 55 for women


The following to be done as a circuit x 25 sets as fast as you can go.

Pull ups 2 reps

Dips: 5 reps

Chin ups: 2 reps

Push Ups 5 reps