Squats/Deadlifts/Throat Punch Thursday???

As if Thursday isn't good enough, I put some icing on the cake by adding Deadlifts to an already GLORIOUS DAY!

I have to admit...I was "called out" by my lifting crew this morning.  I was breaching my own rule #67 with a couple stray complaints until half my crew called me a "whiney lil' bitch".

I sat on the squat box and laughed at the irony.  Then I hiked up my big boy squat briefs and cinched my belt a notch tighter finished my chuckle and thanked my boys for squaring me up!


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 23 mins

Still...2x15 of the following:

Reverse Hyper


Back Ext

Side Flex

Suspended Knees to Elbow

Cable Fly

Push Ups

DB Lateral Raise

DB Rear Delt Raise


Main Lift:

Dynamic Squat: 10x2

Dead Lift: 10x1

24" Box Jumps

Sprint: 10x40


Bike Commute

Foam Roll and stretch

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