This installment of the Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log covers Steve, Mike and Shaun as they continue to train for the APF Senior Nationals. In this coaching log they work with the EliteFTS safety squat bar off a 15” box with both band tension and chains. This SSB is 90LBS and the band tension is 150LBS at the top. Each chain is 22LBS be we have rounded this to 20LBS for simplicity.

The point of this particular coaching log is so show how you can have constant band tension on the bar, yet still be able to add weight via plates and chains. Bands and chains do not have to be an either/or proposition. Neither must they be used on the traditional squat bar.  ***A quick side note.  We at the MGG hope these coaching logs are of value to you.  If we are doing something you like, or if we are missing an aspect you would like us to explore, please let us know as we value your opinion and that opinion will help us continually improve as our coaching logs are designed as a learning tool for your powerlifting growth.  Thank you.***

Here is a good chunk of footage of their training session (filmed in HD so let it load to 720-1080 for HD quality).


We hope you find this coaching log of value to you. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher. Owner: Monster Garage Gym.
Mike: “Warm up- band traction Foam roll, stretch. Reverse Hyper- 2x20 Standing Band Abs- 2x15 Box Squat w/ SSB- 360+ Avg Band and 3 chains 6x2, 410+ band and chain 2x2, 450+ band and chain x2, 410+ band and chain x2 Reverse Hyper- 5 sets 10-15 Standing Abs- 6 sets Incline GHR- 7" w/ BW 4x 8-10 Seated Calves- 2 sets”
Steve: “Following warm up sets, (1) 410 with 120lbs of chains 150lbs bands (4) 450 with 120lbs of chains 150lbs bands (2) 500 with 120lbs of chains 150lbs bands (1) 540 with 120lbs of chains 150lbs bands (2) 590 with 120lbs of chains 150lbs bands (fell back) 4 sets of Hyper Extensions 4 sets of ab pulldowns”
Shaun: “Band hip mobility stretches iron roller Raw BarX5 Bar+ grey bandsX5 plate/bandsX3 2plates/bands/1chainX3 Brief on 3plates/bands/3chainsX2X2 3.5plates/bands/chainsX2X2 4plates/bands/chainsX2X2 4.5plates/bands/chainsX2X2 5plates/bands/chainsX2X2 Abs Calves”
We hope this video and write-up from our coaching log is beneficial to you. Special thanks to Steve, Mike and Shaun and all the Monsters at Monster Garage gym.

Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher coaching log by:
Eric Maroscher, 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion. Columnist, Elitefts. Team Elitefts Member. Owner, Monster Garage Gym

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