Finding an online Powerlifting coach 101
Regardless of rank or followers, if their form looks like shit, they suck as a coach.
This is one thing they have 100% control of. If they can't fix this, it's because they don't want to because:
1. They don't know.
2. They don't want to ask for help.
3. They can't listen.
4. They don't care.
5. They don't know how.
All of these are bad qualities of any coach, on or offline.
A good aspect of so many posting their lifts on Instagram is that prospects (and potential brand agents) can see this.
As a brand with a strong focus in the strength market, we do look at this and many times ask, "Can we help fix this or how long would it take to fix?"
...And we won't even look unless they have an elite total.
This is the takeaway if we (a company seeking sponsors) have to ask if we can fix it, then a prospect has no business hiring them.

None, ZERO.



If we don't think we can fix it in one session, we will pass, regardless of the number of followers. A shitty squat in front of 150k people means 150k people that see a brand that doesn't know what a good squat is. That's not good branding in many industries; it will hurt your brand.

Nothing bad ever comes from good powerlifting squat technique.
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