I have been front squatting for many years and have always had the same problem with the damn lift. My neck is too big, and it's comprised of mostly frontal neck meat which forces me to keep the bar out on the crest of my cannonball deltoids instead of being able to hold the bar tightly within the valley between my deltoid and my throat (I just have no better way to describe that). So when I try to attempt heavier weights and my elbows drop even the tiniest bit the bar slides off of my shoulder and either I have to let it crash to the floor or I end up holding the bar with my arms as it slides painfully down my biceps.  I always feel like I have way more in my legs and could front squat more if I could just hold the bar comfortably like some guys can.  So after yeeeeears of this weekly struggle I was laying in bed one night and a brilliant revelation popped into my head.  Why don't I wrap some sort of athletic tape around the smooth, un-knurled part of the bar to prevent slippage?  Low and behold it worked way better than expected, I easily shattered rep PRs and came within a ball hair of gutting out a huge 1RM PR too. I have now patented this tape and I call it "Stevey P's Fantastic Front Squat Tape". You can't just run out and buy this shit anywhere like it's just regular athletic tape. I tirelessly worked with engineers and scientists on this shit and after extensive beta testing came up with just the right kind of formula for maximum hold that carries over to 937% more quad recruitment.  Rogue, Ebay and QVC has already contacting me about selling it for me, I could be a millionaire overnight they said.  But I said . . . "Fuck that, I'm giving this jawn away on EliteFTS!" LIVE LEARN AND PASS ON!