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THIS WEEK’S Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: STRONG(HER)


elitefts-yessica-wall (2)This Week's Coaching Log:
It has been a very busy last few weeks here at the gym…..lifters training for and competing at the Ahhh-nold, training for the APF IL State meet and the hosting of a meet inside the four walls that comprise Monster Garage Gym. It is the latter that is the topic of this week’s coaching log.

There is not a single day that goes by that someone is not impacted by domestic violence. In fact the numbers are something like 1 in 3 women have been victim to some type of domestic violence. To put this into a perspective, 10 million are abused by an intimate partner annually, and 20,000 calls per day come pouring to domestic violence hotlines. This type of unacceptable and illegal behavior goes hand in hand with much of the inappropriate behaviors that have been exposed as of late and addressed very effectively by the MeToo movement. Even our great sport of powerlifting is not free of these behaviors as has been addressed by some of the writers at Elitefts who are far more skilled at addressing that topic than I am.

All this said, when you are in a position of power, in my opinion anyway, there is somewhat of an obligation to utilize that power, be it political power, financial power, or in the case of the lifter, pure physical power, in a way that creates some type of positive force in the world, some type of positive ripple in the fabric of our universal existence. Existential as this can sound, this is also a view shared and believed deeply by Monster Garage Gym co-owner, world record(s) holder, world powerlifting champion and world powerlifting championship best lifter (X’s 2), Dawn Maroscher. Dawn has taken this thought of positive power and turned it into action by choosing to shine the spotlight and power of our great sport to help emPOWER women. To that end, Dawn has brought to life an event to do that.

DawnMaroschersize800 Monster Garage Gym co-owner: Dawn Maroscher


To back up a bit, let me write for a moment about A Safe Place. A Safe Place is the sole provider of services exclusively addressing domestic violence in Lake County, Illinois. It is a facility and organization that assists victims in transforming their lives after domestic violence, preventing future abuse by addressing its root cause through abuser intervention programs, and educating the community about domestic violence and how we can all be involved in its end.

Dawn’s idea was to find something that worked to empower women and then create and event that would serve to in this case:
A. Inform people about domestic violence
B. Educate about how to address domestic violence through an amazing service like A Safe Place
C. Bring together strong women to compete and help raise money to support, in this case, A Safe Place.


So on February 24th, the first ever, A Safe Place, WOMEN’S RAW NOVICE Bench and Deadlift Challenge took place. The lifters, all RAW novice women lifters (with three or fewer meets under their belt), most in their very first meet, took to the platform in a collective show of support for the cause at hand, and to simultaneously dip their collective toes into the awesome waters of this amazing sport of powerlifting. Although these lifters were novice, they were fearless in their approach to the bar and we all need to remember that Becca Swanson, Laura Phelps, Stephanie Van de Weghe, Sioux-z Hartwig and other great women lifters had a first meet too.


The purpose of this coaching log is to illustrate that this amazing sport we devote such a large portion of our lives too is powerful beyond the weights lifted, it can be powerful in its function, in this case, bringing together a group of people to support A Safe Place, and all A Safe Place does to work to transform lives after domestic violence.

As you traverse this vast landscape that is the journey of powerlifting, consider the following. Consider utilizing your power and the fact that you are strong(er) than most and make a positive impact with your over-abundance of strength. As you do this, let powerlifting be the vehicle toward that end.

In the powerful and truth filled words of Margaret Mead, Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Wishing all of our weekly coaching log readers the best in your training and competitions. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher, Owner: MONSTER GARAGE GYM

*Special thanks to the following for their help with this amazing event:
Monster Garage Gym co-owner, Dawn Maroscher, Monster Garage Gym operations director, Richard Auxer. Justin Pascual, Barzeen Vaziri, Crystal Tate, Dan Scott, Sam Merrill, Benjamin Thomas, Ronan Delve, Ronald Legarreta, Sarah Shephard, Dr. Rob Keyes, Aimee Divis, Rae Auxer.

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