To: Whoever
From: The Silent Majority
Subject: The State of Powerlifting

We would like to congratulate everyone who has competed over these past four weeks. Many PR's and WR's were set; experiences and memories made that will last a lifetime. From the Arnold Classic to small local gym meets, new to experienced lifters gathered, lifted, coached, and displayed how great the sport of powerlifting is.

2016 was the best year we've seen in the sport. For the first time in close to 40 years, the sport is in the hands of the competitors. All the changes over the past six years have come from them. Think of how rare and cool this is. Some of these changes go against the best interests of the federations and major companies that support the sport. For instance, the shift to raw powerlifting has vastly changed the landscape of the sport all the way from the companies and products they produce down to the accessibility of the sport to new lifters.

* We witnessed the greatest growth rate in the history of powerlifting, with close to a 30% increase in new competitors.

* The financial commitment needed to get involved in the sport has dropped from around $1000.00 to under $200.00

* The number of women in the sport doubled from 2015 to 2016 and now makes up 1/3 of all lifters.

* As of today, there are 207 upcoming meets listed on Powerlifting Watch!

* The ability to access solid training information has never been greater.

* More gyms than ever are now powerlifter-friendly

*There has been an increase in meet directors offering prize money.

Powerlifting is one of the few sports where YOU, the lifters, control the sport. Your opinions and decisions create what powerlifting is and shape what it becomes.

We've even seen a sharp decrease in the internet "drama" that used to be a daily occurrence across forums and social media. We have seen the federation, judging, and lifter trolling replaced with pre-squat dances, lifter costumes, arm twisting deadlift set-ups and other insignificant issues.


Less drama, more joking around.




As we all know, issues will arise. When they do, let's not forget just how far we've come.


- The Silent Majority


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