This is the one that makes everyone sore and gas for a few days.

Although the objective of my program is not necessarily to make anyone feel the delayed onset of muscle soreness, Super Legs tears the shit out of them.

The high volume and low intensity tend to make people walk like Bambi on ice for a few days.

I am personally on the next cycle and will share exactly what I did today that everyone in my program will see in a few weeks, however, this is today's mayhem:

Follow the exercises in strict order.

Do all SEVEN exercises in a row and try to do it without stopping

We did FIVE total rounds of 20 reps per exercise.

All exercises are done with bodyweight only

  1. Box Squat to parallel
  2. Split Squat
  3. Squat to parallel (again)
  4. Rear Stepping Lunge with a knee touch to the floor
  5. Squat with enough explosion that it carries you up onto your toes
  6. Jump Squat
  7. Walking Lunge

I did the same program today only I attached the SSB Yoke Bar to my shoulders and did TWO sets of 50 reps in each of the seven exercises.

It fucked me up pretty well! hahaha