Actually, we have it pretty tight between two racks and I BARELY fit through the bars when they are set up this way.

We were talking this morning about the THREED qualities of a "True Friend"

1. Friendliness.  Obviously, it's what makes up the word "friend"

2. Loyalty.  All friends are loyal no matter what.  They can explain to you later that you were an idiot at the moment, but in that moment they always have your back.

3. Willing to shake salt into any wound.  After all who else can give you crap for your random acts of stupidity.  Your FRIENDS can and WILL.

Today's Training:

2 Board 5 rep Max Effort Bench: Beat last weeks number!


Overhead Press: 5x10@85 for men  55 for women

Pull ups: 6x 1/2 the max reps for one set

DB "6 Ways" 3x20  Go lighter than you are thinking.

DB Row:

1x20@ wt

1x18@wt + 5 lbs

1x16@wt +10 lbs

1x14@wt +15 lbs

1x12@wt+20 lbs