Today, I want to talk about what you should eat for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I think you might me surprised when I tell you to eat whatever and as much as you want. That goes against the majority of nutritionists advice, and I just don’t care.

A few years ago I wrote the 80/20 Rule for the Holiday Season and today I am going to update it with this gem.

I’ve seen a ton of advice doled out on social media and in newsletters regrading Thanksgiving Dinner, and the entire holiday season for that matter. Some good, and some absolutely ridiculous. Let’s back up a bit and dispel the myth that we gain weight and fat from holiday meals.

This is pure assholery.

We do not gain weight and fat from one meal, or one day.

Anyone telling you that is lying to you.


But, you will gain weight and fat over the entire holiday season if you do not eat well the majority of the time. The period that starts tomorrow and runs until New Years is an excuse to eat and drink like a savage for a lot of people. If you fall into this category, sort your self out.

I am about to give you my best advice as to what you should eat for Thanksgiving Dinner right now.

Eat whatever you want.


Eat as much as you like and do not feel guilty about it. We do not get fat and blow our whole meal plan in one meal. Especially a holiday meal.  I will add, once you’ve filled yourself for the day, get right back to proper nutrition.   

If you want to eat a plate loaded with a pound of tasty Thanksgiving goodies and then go for seconds, do it.

If you want to stick to your macros and be diligent, do it.

The choice is yours.

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Further, Thanksgiving Dinner and all of the holiday meals should be a time where we can sit back and enjoy a delicious meal and the company of friends and family without guilt over “cheating” on our diet, or missing our macros. Enjoy yourself.

Historically, we as a  species celebrate special occasions with special foods. This should never induce guilt or shame. It should create memories. Hopefully good ones.

With that said, remember, if you want to load the plate up, go ahead. Just get right back to disciplined eating the next day. If you want to keep things tight and right, go ahead.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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What you demonstrate they’ll duplicate C.J. Murphy
What you demonstrate they’ll duplicate C.J. Murphy



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C.J. Murphy

November 23, 2022

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