The 7 Lessons of Bushido

1. Courage, a necessary virtue for being free

According to the way of the warrior, you can only be free when you have courage. 

Courage is what allows you to live fully, without being tied down by fear. You have to be brave to decide to act, and especially when it comes to the big things.


Courage isn’t blind fearlessness. For it to be true courage it also has to come with intelligence and strength. 

The fear is there, but you shouldn’t let it overcome you. Instead, you should replace it with caution and respect. And that’s when true courage shows up.

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands, maybe I can only annoy people on Social Media and in my house for a finite amount of time.  But I have found some readings to be insightful and if they are speaking to me, perhaps someone else might benefit from the same mindset.

The other night, my wife and I were enjoying the movie, "The Last Samurai"  She dug it for the obvious reasons (No, not Tommy Cruise) but because she lived in Japan for a while and speaks the language as well as loves the culture.

I've been digging up articles about "Bushido" and The Way of the Warrior.  There was such a elegance to the Samurai that intrigues me even more as I dig deeper.

The above is NOT my research and writing.  It was taken from a website called..."Exploring your mind"

hahahaha...mine will be a short journey...hahahahaha

Credit the photo on the top to "Bushido...The Way of The Warrior"

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