I was thinking this morning of different people who have had a hand in my personal development.  Parents, siblings, coaches, team mates, friends, and yes, even adversaries.

People have expressed to me how much they like the way I can simplify a subject.  Not needing many characters to get my point across. (you should see my facial expressions, I can speak even less words if you can witness)

A closer than better friend of mine, Bill "The Bomber" Rosecrans was and still is a "character" molder of mine.

Bill could break down into a few words, deep meanings he wanted to express.

Bill and I were on a "walkabout" journey one day.  We were driving the long winding road of route 17 through the Catskills in NY on our way to our alma mater.

Bill had two levels of listening to music, Loud and Windshield shattering.

As we were discussing some plan, and I believe is was Mick Jagger singing "Sympathy for the Devil", I began to reach for the volume switch on the radio.

Bill glared at me changing his happy facial expression to a frown.

The next phrase he uttered sits with me today:

"Never, and I mean EVER, turn down Quick Mick never to old to rock and roll Jagger.  If you need to say something "Doc" simply YELL LOUDER!"

I didn't need even an instant to comprehend the weight of his statement.

Today, I call it : "Adjust, Adapt, and Overcome".

Thanks Bomber!  I'm playing Kashmir at level 11 right NOW!