Today's Training:

I said yesterday that we Selkow's like to please people. So when Hunter came home from Hockey practice upset that the Coach was "riding" him, I smiled and said GREAT!

"HUH?" Yes, GREAT!  Whenever I've barked at a person, it was because they had more to give.  There was more talent that hadn't been used and that athlete was either lazy or didn't understand the directives.

I know that my son is a visual learner.  He needs to be shown what to do, rather than explained by words alone, and he isn't lazy by any means.  After all...he is my son!

My council to him was to look his coach in the eye and say, "Coach (or Sir) I will do whatever it is you want me to do, I only need to know WHAT that is.  I'll practice and get it right."

He was comfortable with this.

Don't look at the criticism from a coach or leader is all bad, he/she doesn't want potential!  Potential is UNUSED talent.  That person wants more than anything for you to succeed.  It is not science to know which buttons to push, or levers to pull to get the most out of the athlete.

When there is nothing left, the Coach will move on.  There will be no more hollering, yelling, screaming, terms of endearment.  There will be simply silence.  Your time is UP.


2 Board 5 rep Bench Press:

Work up in 10% increments

No World Records!  ESTABLISH the number.


Overhead BB Press: 5x10 @ +5 over last week.  (mine was only 75 lbs)

Pull Ups: 5x half the reps you could get doing a max rep set

Rear Delt Destroyer: 1x60-40-20 @ 35,25,15

Supine DB Tricep Ext: 3x10

Cable Tri Push down: 3x10


Men-100 reps

Women-50 reps