I have spoken about the time I realized that I wasn't going to be the BIGGEST athlete on the team.  I realized at the same time some of the natural gifts that some have were out of my reach as well and that I "made a decision".

That decision was I swore that NO ONE would work harder or longer than me.

I figured IF you were going to win, that your tongue would be hanging out and you'd know that you were in a "DOG FIGHT" for your life.

I have NEVER lost a game.  I've only run out of time.

The "Decision" took as long as it takes to say the word.  It came in a SNAP.  The follow through is STILL in practice, and IN the practice.

Neither my wife nor I are overly tall.  So my son won't be either.  He might be average but he'll never be NBA quality size no matter how much he loves to play basketball.  Good thing he plays Hockey!  The skates give him an immediate three inches as soon as he laces them up.

What we did give him was the "Play BIG Attitude", and to practice like it was going to be his last one ever.

The lesson learned from this was something I tell ALL athletes and it has significant carry over into the real world as well.


Why?  Because the fundamentals although VITAL are rarely practiced because they are usually BORING!

However, when you become confused...tired...frustrated, you can ALWAYS go back to applying the FUNDAMENTALS of the thing you are frustrated with.  Doing so will put you back onto the winning path.  WHY??? Again, because they are boring, NO ONE practices them.  They go through the motions because all GREAT coaches make even the most seasoned player PRACTICE the fundamentals.

Not me!  Not my son!!!  NOT MY FAMILY (includes all the people I  train)  We embrace the fundamentals because we see the benefits when it is applied!

Athletes get hurt...go back to practicing the basics.  Nothing fancy

Salespeople go into a slump...back to basics doing what made you successful in the first place.

Solid A students start to slip into A-, B, C???  You have changed your basic understanding of the learning process.  Get back to what made you that A+ student.

Parenting 101...Kids need Exercise of body and mind.  They need to be fed...nutritionally and mentally as well as SPIRITUALLY!  They need freedom to explore AND discipline when making poor choices.

CEO's and Leaders of other people...You start to fail, when you FAIL to EMPOWER people to do what you can NOT do.  You aren't practicing the basic fundamentals of LEADERSHIP that require you to lift those around you to a higher position than you are in at present!

My son's and wife's success is a direct result of my commitment to PRACTICING the "Back to Basics" philosophy.

No need to be fancy when you can't perform the BASICS!


Today's Training:

Dog Walk: 2 miles at steady pace. (Interrupted a few times for a pee break)

Sprint I: 10x10 yards @50%-75%

Sprint II: 10x50 yards @65%  My hips hurt!  Shakira is right..."Hips don't lie"

Sprint III: 2x100