The Golden Aesthetics Training Camp

Well, I’m finally starting to understand bodybuilding. Yes, the offseason is easy… but once you start to get closer to the show, shit really hits the fan. That’s where I am now, and I won’t lie: I’m struggling! Carbs are a distant memory, I’m struggling just to maintain strength, and I wake up feeling flat and maybe even a little frustrated.

And yet, I’m loving bodybuilding, because of three things.

    1. I understand that this is part of a process. In powerlifting, I was so obsessed with being ready to go on meet day that I constantly pushed myself too hard, too fast. In bodybuilding, I understand that it does me no good to be ready early, as all that matters is how I look on stage, and how I look can change dramatically in a matter of minutes. That’s quite encouraging, actually, because it allows me to play the long game without getting caught up in my head.
    2. I trust my coach, John Meadows, completely. It’s easy to understand why; just watch this video:
    3. Struggling or not, I’m still learning something and improving in some way every single day, and that’s incredibly motivating. It helps me put this journey to becoming the world’s strongest classic bodybuilder and physical culturist into better perspective.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, even with a better mindset. I’m doing my best to keep my head down, focus on the one next thing that will make me better. Whether it’s the next meal, the next cardio or training session, going to bed on time, or whatever else, I’m nailing the details and leaving the big picture to John to handle.

I’m really excited to see what unfolds over the next month, and I hope you’ll follow along! In case you forgot, here’s what’s in store:

      • August 1-4 is the Golden Aesthetics training camp in San Diego, where I’ll join legends like Danny Hester and Artemus Dolgin to get in some quality training and posing instruction
      • August 10 is my first show, the Jay Cutler Classic in Richmond, Virginia, where I’ll be aiming to qualify for the next level
      • August 29-31 is North Americans weekend, where, if all goes well, I’ll make my debut as a national-stage classic bodybuilder

Lots more to come after that as well, so stay tuned, and keep Thinking Strong and Training Hard!


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