The Journey of a Million Miles

A few people looked at the training board today and there was a LOT written on it.  Being overwhelmed is easy when you aren't focused at the immediate task at hand.

More than once a person would ask me about the next thing when they didn't begin the FIRST thing.

The lesson???  Do first things first.  Don't worry what is coming.  When  you focus on the mantra "inch by inch its a cinch"


Today's Training;

AirDyne: 30 mins.  I forgot to start the clock so I extended it a little.

Pre/Re hab

Suspended Knees to Elbows: 2x15

Ab Wheel: 2x15

Plate Pinch Farmers Carry: 5 x 20 yds

The following exercises are done for three sets stopping one rep before failure:  Rut roh...big Mental Toughness day.

Tricep Rope Push down super set w/ DB Curls

Hex handle weight to hold onto for narrow push ups super set w/ DB Hammer Curls

Skull Crushers super set w/ BB Curl

Bike Commute: 18 mins.

Sprints: Warm up

6x100 @75%

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