One day I was in my gym when I was with the Arizona Sundogs.  One of my favorite players would come in at a time that I was training so he could workout with me.  Karl was (still is) a MONSTER of a guy.  We would banter a bit and then begin our session.

On this particular day, we lost track of how many Dynamic Squat sets we had accomplished.  I thought we had gotten in our TEN when he responded..."no Coach, I stopped counting at 20".  So we added to TWO more just to make certain we were TOAST!

The uniqueness of this session wasn't that it was a LOT of sets. No, no was the interval of rest was enough for the other guy to get his TWO reps in and get out of the way.  Those 22 sets @315+ something (I used the Mastodon bar then and today which is a heavy 45 lb bar) were done in about 16-18 minutes.

When Karl asked what we were going to do "NEXT" I told him "two sets of GHR's and nap".

Needless to say, it was a GLORIOUS nap.

For nostalgic reasons, I did that same workout today.  Again, my half hour nap was WONDERFULLY blissful (and a full hour long).

I only hope that my training partners for today, "D-bol" and "Bama" had the same opportunity to slumber.