I just saw this picture and was flooded with memories. If I had more time I am sure I could have written 100 of them.  Somebody said something about fights in front of the bench and Bob Youngs replied there may have been a few. With this one statement he opened the door so I fired back.  LOL

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  • underthebarFuck you @bobyoungsjr ! That is the bench were you decide to tear my pec off. You remember, I was lowering the bar and was right about to touch, you pull the fucking bar to your side and my pec blew off. Dickhead! LOL
  • underthebarThat is the same bench where Joe A. was using the cambered bench bar and when he went to sit up, the cambered part of the bar swung down and hit him in the head so hard it knocked him out. When we woke up, he went after one of the other guys in the group, all pissed off because he thought he was punched in the face. "What one of you fuckers punched me in the face!" Funny as hell
  • underthebarSame bench where one lifter kept making big jumps and only did warm up sets of singles and Jimmie told him if he kept training like a pussy he was going to tear something off. He did and blew his tricep off as soon as the weight got heavy.
  • underthebarSame bench where I was going though a very rough patch and kept getting weaker and weaker. It got to a point I barely pressed 455 off a two board, barely. When I sat up I was surrounded by 7 or 8 other WSBB lifters and was told,  "Dave, we need to have a talk" I then realized I was in the middle of a meathead intervention. I changed my shit and things got back on track.
  • underthebarSame bench where one of the lifters forgot ,barbells came before bitches, so we stuck a picture of his girlfriend on the ceiling above the bench so every time he went to bench he could see her. He had no idea we did this until he went to bench.
  • underthebarSame bench we saw one of our lifters fall the fuck asleep, sitting up, with his shoe in his hand, and his foot on his knee. He feel asleep putting his shoes on!
  • underthebarSame bench Louie was sitting on and one the lifters was standing at the door ( No I am not going to use names) and starting talking about IPA and high squats. Louie got so fucking mad about this hit smashed himself in the head with a ten pound plate (it was hard too) and kicked the fucker out.
  • underthebarSame bench Louie was leaning against while waiting to pull. We had to deadlift right in front on the bench (the place was small). As he gets fired up his takes a wire brush and starts hitting himself in the chest with it. Before he is done pulling his nose is bleeding and his entire chest is full of blood.
  • underthebarThis is the same bench the strongest in the gym didn't use for max effort work. We used the rack in the middle of the gym. You had to earn you way there. The pussies had to lift in the last rack and the OK guys got to use that bench rack (for ME work). Anyhow, we are lifting in the middle rack (the real lifter rack) and another lifter is on the bench rack  misses a max effort board press. We ignored him. He then gets pissed because we ignored him so I asked. Key point here. I "asked" him if he felt we should give him shit for missing a lift and being a puss. He said, well you guys usually do. So, I think ok fuck it and say, "the reason we didn't say anything is because you bought your tricpes at wallmart and your lock out sucks. We used to care but you suck so bad now we don't give a fuck. When you stop training like a puss maybe we will give a fuck again but for now just piss off. THEN he got REALLY pissed. I though he was going to throw a plate at me. I looked at Louie and said, what the fuck, didn't I do exactly what he wanted?

underthebar Holy shit I could do this for hours. I will stop now. This was a good time. The memories on picture can bring back, That white board alone could be 100 more stories.

BONUS ONE - here is a extra one I just thought up when posting this Blog. The Monolift was to the left of this bench. I was there before we had a monolift so that is where the squat stands were before the monolift. IF you were in the group squatting (no more than three - usually two) and your ASS sat on the bench or you sat down anywhere you may as well have just took you lazy fucking ass out of the gym! You can sit before and after you squat where ever you want but if you were squatting your ass didn't sit down. You could lean against anything (that was fair grounds), you could open the door and puke but your ass better not sit the fuck down. There were no breaks,  we had two guys running the monolift and 2-3 lifting. Those lifting - lifted and when one was done the next was up. We were timed and were back under the bar within 60 seconds of the time we let go of the bar.  If you were to sit down you fuck up the entire session for the other guys because there was not enough time for anyone's lazy bullshit excuses. The reason this stuck out is when new guys came in to train we watched for them to do that. If they did they would be told one time to stand the fuck up. After that they may as well leave.

NOTE: Max Effort day was different.


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