***FEATURED PHOTO: (RIGHT) 700LB RAW puller and Green Beret 3rd SFG(A), Bronze Star Recipient; MGG's BIG Daddy (LEFT) BIG Daddy's trusty companion in Afghanistan.

The MONSTER GARAGE GYM/MAROSCHER COACHING LOG is a weekly Coaching Log by MGG owner, 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, Eric Maroscher, and is one of the Featured Coaching Logs at EliteFTS.

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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number XLI). THE MILITARY COACHING LOG  


This Coaching Log features Navy E-3, Big Zach. Zach is a gas turbine system electrical technician or GSE in the Navy and before we go any further, we want to thank Zach for his service and protection of our country. In addition to being in the Navy, Zach is also a RAW powerlifter (675LBS squat RAW/wraps, 470LBS bench RAW and 675 deadlift RAW) and is training with the focus of his first 500LB raw bench. As Zach is full time military, his lifting goals, for now, are relegated to the gym, and he takes these gym goals as seriously as one would take a meet goal. As Zach’s base is close by, we at the Monster Garage Gym are working to give him the training environment and support he needs to reach his goal prior to his move onto his next job where he will be a deck engineer for LCAC at a base far from the walls of the MGG. So he has a time factor he is racing as well as the 500LBS press he is hunting down.

The purpose of this training log is to give you a glimpse into one of Zach’s RAW training sessions as he inches his way toward his goal. His last max effort press was a successful 470LB RAW press followed by a miss at 490LBS. As a 250LB RAW lifter Zach utilizes a good amount of heavy volume training. Also, as a RAW bencher he essentially sets up like a shirted bencher, but (as he is RAW) with elbows far less tucked in, a slightly less emphasis on arch as well as less-wide bar grip. Note for the beginner to intermediate RAW lifter who trains with the advanced shirted lifters: RAW bench form is similar but less extreme as the shirted bench form for the obvious reason which is, you are not in the supportive shirt thus the pivot points and angles are slightly different. The elbow tuck does not need to be as pronounced as those of the shirted bencher as the mechanics are somewhat different.

This video features Zach’s training for the day which is bread and butter, classic RAW bench training. Zach’s flat bench training is done on the latest EliteFTS Deluxe Bench Press (note the adjustable uprights vs the standard fixed face savers and thick(er) bench pad) and Zach incorporates (after his warm-ups) the traditional pyramid scheme of weight increase as the sets progress, the heaviest weight during the apex sets, then decrease, of weight following the apex sets. He then moves on to incline bench and dumbbell presses all with heavy volume.

Zach’ training session (excluding warm-up sets) included the following:

Flat bench:
275LBS x 5
315LBS x 3
365LBS x 1
405LBS x 5
405LBS x 4
Incline bench:
225LBS x 7
275LBS x 4
315LBS x 2
365LBS x 2
405LBS x 2
315LBS x 8
225LBS x 20
Dumbbell press:
135LB db’s x 6
135LB db’s x 10
135LB db’s x 7

*The training footage in this video (filmed in HD, let load to 720 or 1080 for HD quality).

We hope you find this coaching log as a whole of use to you in your training. Please let us know by your comment(s) if these logs are useful to you and what we can do to make the better. If you like them, we would appreciate it if you would share them. As always, thank you for following the Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher coaching log. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher.

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