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Yesterday I was reading one of my teammate's posts about "On Line Trainers".  Joey Smith is a no nonsense, hard charging, larger than life living person.  He and others were chatting about how we are losing something with this trend of becoming an Internet Phenom and no one earning their titles anymore of being "Coach"


I surely hope he doesn't mind me sharing, but I think it is only the tip of the ice berg...



"There are too many online "Coaches" charging lifters every month a small car payment for their services and most of those "Coaches" will never meet you in person, give a fuck about you in reality, travel to your meets, wrap your knees, give you real training set up for just your needs and most of these wannabe Coaches should not be coaching in the first place to be honest. You are unfortunately a payment each month with the money you pay. That's it....
On the other hand you have old school, grassroots, real Coaches like myself and many others that don't charge a dime and have had decades of success with their lifters. All that's required by the lifter is drive to the location, be on time, keep your mouth shut, be an asset to The Team and give everything you got each week and the cost is zero....
But that's not what's cool now. Being held accountable by a real person and a Team would actually mean real commitment and dedication. Some folks are too soft mentally to have someone tell them that their technique sucks and their effort sucks in real life. For some being on an Internet Team is much cooler. It requires less commitment, slacking off when you want, not truly being challenged and a chance of their feelings not getting hurt....
And let's not forget most of these online coaches have zero lifter clients where they train accomplishing jack shit....but will claim success and credit for already decent lifter living across the country using "their" training" ~ Joey Smith
I often have said that there are no online coaches.  There are only online PROGRAMMERS because the interaction between PEOPLE is a huge element that is missing.
Then I was privy to MORE.
Yesterday was Yom Kippur and my wife and son celebrate this holy Jewish Holiday.  However, since the onset of the COVID virus everything is now "remote".  As my wife "Virtually Attended" her service with the ONLINE RABBI..she turned to me as I was sneaking food by her (they have to fast) and said, "this is so uneventful and boring".  Which reminded me of Joey's diatribe.
Again, I reminded her of the Online's more programming than anything else, why?  The human element is missing.
Anyway, I call my son who is right now in Michigan, playing hockey for a wonderful program and learning how to survive in the bigger Ocean that is hockey while attending, (ready?  Here it comes...) Remote classes with his California Jr. High School.
My son iterates to me how much school "SUCKS" this year and how boring it is and how he is learning less than ever.  Mind you, Hunter (my son) has always been a 4.0 student.  He works as hard for those A's as he does to skate and play sports.
I asked him, "why does it suck so much?"  He answers...(here it is!!!)
"There is no interaction, Dad.  I can't have a dialog with the teacher or view differences in opinions with anyone".
Hmmmmm.  What the fuck are we doing to today's human species.
We aren't coaching from afar, we're not learning from afar and we are certainly not spiritually connecting from afar.
The remote whatever is surely retarding the advancements of our society.
We aren't isolating from any disease as much as we are creating a new one.
WE NEED interactions IN PERSON.
90% of my communication (sarcasm, dialog, jokes) come from my body's language.
You have to be present.
There are THREE types of learning styles.  They are;
and Tactual, or any combination.
If all we do is dress the one style, we are eliminating the advancement of those who learn differently.
We need MORE interactions
We need MORE contact
We need to get back to our primal selves.
Today's Training
Warm Up:

AirDyne: 22 minutes

To be done DAILY!!!

2 sets of 15 reps followed by 1 more set of 10 of the following exercises *

Reverse Hyper


Back Extension

Side Flexion

Suspended Knees to Elbow

DB Lateral Raise

Push Ups

Cable Flys

* ONE set of Rear Delt Destroyers modified:



Main Exercise:

Prowler: 10 x 60 yards

Concept II Row: 15x10/50


Bike Commute Home: 30 minutes.

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