THE QUEEN OF 198 RAW: CRYSTAL TATE 573LBS RAW SQUAT, 573LBS RAW DEADLIFT at 198LBS [HD Competition Footage Included]

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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number LIV). “THE QUEEN OF 198 RAW”
The purpose of this log is to show you competition footage of Crystal Tate’s competition (an RPS qualifier for the 2016 XPC at The ARNOLD).

If you have been following Crystal’s training you know that she is one of the MONSTER GARAGE GYM’s MONSTERETTES and is in that rarest of rare places where she is chasing a piece of powerlifting history.


We all want our place in the book of powerlifting history, be it a chapter, page or even just a sentence. In Crystal’s case she is now in that oh so coveted book as she is the current ALL-TIME Record Holder in the Women’s 198LB RAW w/wraps division in the squat, deadlift and total.

The accompanying video highlights her best squat, bench press and deadlift of the meet. You can find all of the prior EliteFTS/Maroscher Coaching Logs at this link:
These logs include several that cover Crystal Tate’s training that has led her to this point her powerlifting journey.

In powerlifting there are at minimum, five essential qualities that comprise the truly great powerlifters over the years.
Genetic prowess: In layman’s terms, they found the sport they were meant for.
Work ethic: Great genetics alone will make you good, combining that with a work ethic can possibly make you great.
Love of the sport: Genes and work ethic must be accompanied with the love of the sport because in order to go through what one must endure to be great means loving the sport so much that the grind of it all is even enjoyed as part of the love is the love of the struggle.
Being coachable: You can have all of the aforementioned traits, but those who already “know it all” failed before they even began.
Longevity: Being great is not only about big numbers, but big numbers sustained over a long period of time. Look at you’re historic Top 20 lists and many names are changed out like the seasons. But some remain over the decades. Powerlifters like Ed Coan, Ernie Frantz, they have the numbers AND the longevity.
The bonus round is affect: We are sometimes disappointed with our greats because we so want them to be approachable, caring and likable but sometimes this is not the case. Then again, sometimes as with the King, Ed Coan, and The Godfather of powerlifting, Ernie Frantz, you get that great affect as well as the prior 5 traits

How much will Crystal Tate contribute to the book of powerlifting history, well, she has all but one of these qualities, so time will tell. How much will you contribute to the book of powerlifting history? Look at these five qualities, assess yourself and go from there. You might be surprised just how much you can contribute and just much you can achieve in your powerlifting journey. Ever Onward!!!!

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