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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number LX). “THE SPECIALTY BAR”

The purpose of this log is to show you training footage with the utilization of the Rackable Cambered Squat bar, in this case with average bands and off a 15” box.

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Last week’s coaching log was included training with the Mastodon bar, a Buffalo bar and a Pasanella style squat bar, and in an upcoming log we are going to juxtapose four specialty bars with one another to help you better understand each one’s unique ability to contribute to your squat training. This week is the Rackable Cambered Bar. This bar is really a great bar to add to your arsenal of powerlifting bars.

Unlike the traditional squat bar where you can really tighten up your upper back, shoulders and such, the RCB is different in that there is really no place to grab it that allows for you to get set up in your more traditional, ultra-tight squat stance. To the contrary, with your hands placed lower either on the vertical area of the bar, or the bottom horizontal area, the stability really needs to come from your lower back and torso region. Especially if you are not someone who engages these areas when you squat, or are a back dominant squatter, this is a tool for you to consider utilizing in your training to help aid in learning to become tighter in those areas.


The other dynamic you will experience with this bar is somewhat of a pendulum effect with the weights being located much lower than the portion of the bar that is on your back. Again, causing you, actually, forcing you to be as tight as you can to keep this effect from impacting your squat. In a way, not totally unlike one has to be ultra-tight for chaos bench.

Last thing to note in this training footage that you might want to consider in your training, are bands as the implement for accommodating resistance. In this specific case, the bands are attached to the bottom of the monolift and then looped OVER the top of the plates. If you are only able to use one plate on the bar (the bar is heavier than a standard barbell) looping over the weight might not be the best idea for mere safety reasons.


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