The MONSTER GARAGE GYM/MAROSCHER COACHING LOG is a weekly Coaching Log by MGG owner, 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, Eric Maroscher, and is one of the Featured Coaching Logs at EliteFTS.

MONSTER GARAGE GYM is one of the premier powerlifting gyms in the US.

Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number LV). “THE THANK YOU HAPPY HOLIDAY COACHING LOG”


THE GOAL: We started this journey 54 coaching logs and some 10 months ago with one central goal and that was and is to provide to you, the powerlifter, with coaching logs that are specifically designed to help you in your journey to constantly improve as a practicing and competitive powerlifter. As we take this week off, we want to say THANK YOU for supporting and following our EliteFTS/Maroscher Coaching Logs.

DATA: As we crunch the data, our average coaching log began with 30-40 shares per log and have now grown to having some of our coaching logs being shared with other powerlifters nearly 600 times. As we work to provide you with the best content, we know that “views” are impressive, but beyond the “view,” when a serious powerlifter takes the time to “share” a coaching log, that is how we know that the content is of value as powerlifters are sharing these logs with their training partners. So we look back at our logs that are shared a lot and disaggregate that information/lesson/content/ingredients and work to make sure the components that are important to you, the lifter, are always included in other logs, all the while keeping the logs as diverse as possible so all lifters (men, women, novice, elite, RAW, geared, amateur, professional, teen, master, etc.) can benefit from this information.


HOW THEY’RE MADE: The MGG is a powerlifting gym comprised of some 50 powerlifters with 35 of them being competitive, 22 with elite totals, 14 with international experience, 9 with world titles and 2 on ALL-TIME lists. So we take that diverse group and look at the training that happens over the seven days a week that the MGG is open for training. During that time the team (which is broken down into pods essentially) trains, and themes emerge. We look at those themes and dissect them, looking for that piece of information that we can condense into a mini-lesson that you as our reader can use in some way to enhance your training/competing. The theme could be an exercise, a technique, programming, nutritional data, things to do, things not to do, things to consider trying, etc. With a large group of powerlifters at the MGG, many who are elite, there is always a central lesson/theme that jumps out and we hone in on that to provide you with the week’s coaching log.


VIDEO: After the theme has presented itself the coaching log that you eventually see via EliteFTS is comprised to two components. Component one: The written portion of the log explains the purpose of the log as well as details of that log. Component two: The video portion of the log is an actual filmed documentation of the written portion of the log.

WHO ARE THE SUBJECTS: The coaching logs feature a diverse and eclectic grouping of powerlifters from the MGG. If you can think of a niche type of powerlifter, we have it and that translates into a richer diversity of coaching log content. Our lifters range from the lightest weight class to the SHW, RAW to single-ply to multi-ply, men and women, teens to masters, amateur to professional, novice to ALL TIME Record holders. They are all very different but the focus is the same. They want the team (Maroscher Powerlifting Team) and each of its members to be the best they can be, and in turn, that focus is directed right back to them by the larger team. Our mantra is Become A Part Of Something BIGGER Than YOU!!!!

WHY EliteFTS: Simply put, EliteFTS is the best. EliftFTS is the premier source for the best FREE information regarding all things powerlifting. The amount of information they have compiled to help powerlifters is staggering and we are proud to be a small part of this informational juggernaut that is Dave Tate’s EliteFTS. EliteFTS has over 20 different individuals who put out coaching logs and we feel honored to have been chosen to be a part of this select group.

THE EQUIPMENT: As we provide the lesson in the coaching log you will get to see how we use our EliteFTS equipment. As you consider building your commercial gym or garage gym (that is how the MGG began) you can see how this essential equipment works. We are happy to answer any questions you message us regarding our EliteFTS equipment.

THANK YOU: So as we take this week off to spend with our families outside of our powerlifting family, we pause to say a deep felt, THANK YOU for following our coaching logs, THANK YOU for allowing us the privilege of sharing with you what we learn each and every week here at the MGG, and THANK YOU for being a part of the greatest sport on the planet, the sport of powerlifting!!!!! From the MONSTER GARAGE GYM and MAROSCHER POWERLIFTING TEAM, HAPPY HOLIDAYS. EVER ONWARD!!!!

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