The Three Best Things To Come Out Of Covid - For Me

Unlike many, I am coming out of Covid quarantine better than most. I was going to start with, luckily, I have a home gym. However, that's not due to any luck at all. With training being a priority in my life I planned things so I could have space in my house, invested in myself, and purchased a lot of kick-ass equipment, much of which thankfully came from Elitefts.

But having the gym isn't one of the reasons I'm writing about. What I'm talking about is getting my body healthy and whole again. Without that, I wouldn't even be able to train as my body has held me back a lot over the past couple of years.

The first thing that has made a huge difference is taking the time to rehab. I was seeing my pt right before the quarantine started and we were making a little headway. When lockdown started I made sure to carry over my homework regularly.

I also did research and went through painstaking efforts to keep the rehab train rolling. Stuck working from home I would get up from my computer on the hour and do something for my body. Then as soon as I could, I got back to my pt so we could dig deeper into my issues. As fun as sitting around and binge-watching seasons of some show is, moving around and training in less pain than I have in decades is better.

Next and probably tied for importance, is sleep. Even though I have been working from home, my hours changed and I have not had to get up as early. I have really taken advantage of this and have been sleeping my wheels off.

I have always prioritized sleep, but not like this. I have been getting my eight hours a night and often more. It has not been uncommon either for me to get in over 10 hours which is absolutely glorious.

The third thing is walking. With being chained to the kitchen table on a laptop I immediately recognized I was not burning nearly the same amount of calories as I did when moving about at work. So I started a walking regimen right away. I picked out a 2.5 mile route and went about hitting it daily. On top of that Jess and I have been out hiking like crazy to stave off cabin fever.

Seriously people, we are bipeds and made to walk. It's the most basic thing we can do and it is great for our bodies. It's a really easy form of rehab and it is amazing for the body, mind, and soul. I'd go over all of the benefits, but you have google and also, you really don't need to do any research to realize how good it is for you. You just have to make the time to do it.

So those are the three things that I have really been focusing on during quarantine. Not including sleep which is a third of the day, the rehab and walking time adds up to way more than my training time nowadays. Hmmm, maybe that's why my body feels better than ever.

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