I have listened to, worked with, been a part of...the population that breaches my rule #67 and not just in the gym.

My lifelong goal has been to build a life that I don't need to a vacation from.

It doesn't happen overnight, but it has been the goal.

Luckily, I live it today!

As a matter of fact, April asked me if I wanted to go to Hawaii in the next few weeks.  Giving it much thought, I told her...our condo will be there.  What I really want is a bitch'n lap pool in my backyard!  Yup, I'm the kind of guy that will swim no matter what the weather is.  That's why God made wet suits.

PLUS...it is a place my son will want to bring his friends over to.  I want to be THAT house.  THOSE parents.  THAT friend!

If you aren't enamored with your life...what are you doing to change it?



Today's Training:

Pop Your Heart


Prowler: 6x80 yards

As a GIANT set and done as quickly as you can.

1.  Suspended Knees to Elbow

2.  Ab Wheel Roll Out

3.  Sit Up

4.  Windshield Wipers




BB Curl

Supine DB Tri Extension

DB Hammer Curl

Rope Push downs




Seated Barbell Curls from thigh to chin

C/S Tricep Kick Back

Seated Dumbell Curl




Then for Shits and Giggles and to add nauseousness to my "Combat Chassis Conditioning Challenge" To mi amigo Señor Dizenzo I grabbed a Police Officer friend of mine Sgt. Alan Zambonin and proceeded to bang out as quickly as possible

As a matter of fact...today's Photo was inspired by Vinny D.  He sent me one of his Python that looked like a surface street ROAD MAP!  Dude has some SIC vascularity.

100 Pull Ups

200 Dips

100 Chin Ups

200 Push ups.