There are days that I go into the gym with one plan and then do something completely different while still maintaining the same objectives.

Today was one of those days.  We were going to Condition and then do some accessory Back/Biceps and Triceps when it just got thrown into the blender and I wanted to go for it all.



Today's Training:

1000 reps

Pull Ups/Chin ups: 250/250

Push Ups/Dips: 250/250

Done as a continuous circuit


Yea, it was a vulgar display BUT it had to be proven to  a few..."Don't F with an old guy STILL in the game, because they are old and STILL in the game"

At the time of THIS arms are cramping up and my lats have been hydraulic lockdown for the past hour.

My thoughts are kind of fuzzy too, but people pay good money for this feeling and there is no danger of being pulled over by an Officer of the Law.