I haven't been my normal chipper self these last few days.  Might be an early bug in the season of flu and colds.  It might be the lack of caffeine, might be no beers or good tequila, might be I'm a pussy?  Might be...anyway, it has me on the couch when not in the gym taking one of my many naps in a day and watching the news and sport media.

There is so many instances where the news is not reported and opinion seems to become more abundant.  Commentary in the past had it's own section of the news.  Today everything is commented on and facts are side notes.

I need the facts and only those facts and feel quite confident that I can make my own conclusion from the FACTS.

I think part of our issue among many others is that we have dumb down and have become impatient with information.

If I can't take less than a minute to read something on a news feed, I scroll past it.  I don't write full sentences when I can use "text talk"  Idk, FU, LOL, lmfao...etc.

We're lazy because we're ignorant , we're ignorant because we're lazy.  I say ignorant because to be stupid we would have needed time to actually learn something to do it wrong.  This way we don't know we didn't know.

Then where do we get our information from?  How does a person become a qualified source?

What is the easiest way to cross a mine field?  YES!  Follow in the footsteps of someone who has made it.  See who has the fruits on the tree you want to pick.

If you want to become a surgeon, why would ask questions of a failed one?  He's a little bummed out about it because he sucks.  He will give you sucky information.

Now if you take the information from EVERYONE., well hell, I'm going to learn arthroscopic knee surgery from my tailor.  Dumb right?

Learn to get qualified facts, and massage the information, critically think and deduce your answers to think CRITICALLY

Today's Training:

Dynamic Box Squat: 10x2@55%

Deadlift: 10X1@55%

Rear Stepping Hyvak Slides: 4x10@BW

Reverse Hyper: 3x10