Today I am sharing Three of My Favorite Squat/Deadlift Builders  the Prowler Stride, the Snatch Grip Dead Hyper and the Back Raise-Row.


These are awesome for Powerlifting, but also for any pursuit.

I’ll tell you why I love each one.

First up is the Prowler Stride.

As you know, the Prowler is one of the most versatile tools we have.

It can be used for:

  • GPP/steady state cardio
  • Strongman training
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Building brutal strength
  • Making you puke

The Prowler Stride is a favorite because it builds single leg strength and improves hip flexibility/mobility at the same time. It also builds GPP.

I like the strides to be done with a moderate weight for distance.

Distance is up to you and your level of fitness, I suggest starting with about 30 yards and building up to 200 over time.

When you do the stride, pay attention to the hip drop.

As you see in the video, Candace is driving hard off one leg, then pushing the hip down a little. Don’t push down so far your lower back goes into extension, just drop the hip a little.

You’ll feel a slight stretch and that is what we are looking for.

Be sure to pause slightly between each leg too.

It is an excellent single leg exercise and is way less boring than step ups and lunges.

As you get strong(er), feel free to load it up a little. Don’t turn it into a max effort exercise.

We like these as a third exercise, usually on Squat day.

Next up is the Snatch Grip Dead Hyper.

Why do I love this?

Let me count the ways:

  • It sucks-meaning it is hard. Hard is good.
  • It builds tremendous strength across the entire posterior chain (glutes/hams/lumbar)
  • It smokes your upper back
  • It builds grip strength

Any exercise that can do all of this is a winner in my book.

When doing them, shoot for a full snatch grip, but if you are not flexible enough or strong enough start narrower and go wider over time.

Do your best to keep your upper back locked in hard.

Shrug up and back and really spread the chest as you do each rep.

Don’t let the upper back go relax or you lose half the benefit.

These will really tax your grip. If you must, use straps. I prefer not to use straps when I do them, as if the weight is so heavy that I need them, I find that I can’t keep my upper back locked in.

If you are Stevie P strong


or Clint Darden strong, you might need straps to handle enough weight.

Darden Clint Dec 5 420

I am not nearly as strong as either of those guys anymore, so I go without straps.

Start at the bottom, fire your glutes hard to start and keep your back engaged.

We like these as a third exercise usually on deadlift day. Do reps, at least 8.

They work well and they work fast.


The last one on the list of Three of My Favorite Squat/Deadlift Builders is the Back Raise-Row.



This is a KILLER.

Like the one above it does all of the same things, but in a slightly different manner.

You can use a barbell or dumbells.

I prefer dumbells because I have long arms and I get a little more range from them at the bottom.

I program these in much the same as the Dead Hyper.

I’ll frequently have my lifters do two or three weeks of these and then switch to a different back raise variation, like the Dead Hyper.

There it is.

Now get to work and add these onto your program.

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