To Know and Not Do...

I like to say at about 185 words per minute with a wind gust up to 714 wpm "To know and not to do is not to know, because if you knew you would do and since you don't you simply don't know".

Now, do it again...out loud and fast!


I have a few people that I recommend things to that I know will benefit greatly from the input.  They will nod their head at me and say in an affirming voice..."I know, Coach"

Then I wait for them to "DO".

I take it personally when they DON'T DO.  I question the urgency that I gave it.  I question the simplicity by which I presented it.

Regardless...when it doesn't come to flourish I can can only fall back on that quote.

My words aren't for me!  They are there to help.  But like the horse that is led to can't make him drink.


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 minutes

C/S Row: 5x15

Lat Pulldown: 5x15

Pull up Hell: 5x100 = 5 hand positions with the aide of a medium band

Bicep Curl: 5x10

Bike Commute: 17 minutes

Crunch: 100 reps

Push ups: 20


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