Tomorrow 5/7/2020

If we were in the gym we would be doing some Dynamic Squats Today

So instead of that we will do Box Jumps.

although not the exact same, the box jump is a ballistic triple extension that we need to be explosive.

12, 16 or even a 20 inch box or...ready for this???

Stair case three, four or even more stairs Jump from one level UP!

10 sets of 2 reps.



Single Leg Squat Jump:  These need to be done just above parallel.  One or two inches.

From the bottom position, ballistically push to clear the ground as high as you can.  As if you were doing a basketball lay up.  MAKE SURE you do both legs

10 sets of 2 reps on each leg


Lastly, Single leg calf raise.

Hook an ankle with the opposite foot.  Bang out 20 reps on each foot.  That will be ONE set.

5 sets of 20.  these are suppose to Buuuuuuurn.


Condition:  15 minutes of steady state.

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