To say yesterday was anything but normal...

Late in the day I received an email clarifying a team member's status.

Baffled? Dumb founded? Sad? Angry? Perplexed are the words that come to mind when I found out about John Meadow's passing.

By now, most everyone knows that John suddenly died yesterday morning leaving behind a wife, two sons and a World Wide following.

John was a Super Star that was never so full of himself that he was unapproachable. In fact, I have never heard anyone utter a word about him that wasn't full of praise and admiration.

John held "Special" relationships with many people and he made sure you felt "special" when you spoke with him.

We had a bond, not only being team mates at EliteFTS and a love for Strength and Conditioning, but even in the TYPE of dog we loved.

John's Bernese Mountain Dog, Atlas and my fellas, Owen and Bear were the topic of many of our casual conversations.

While most would think two "meatheads" would chat about nothing but Sports, Bodybuilding and Strength and Conditioning, we would spend copious amounts of time discussing how cool our dog's breed is.

John also went out of his way to take time answering questions my wife or son had with regards to bodybuilding and nutrition.

I feel a void at this moment and the only thing I can think about is how tomorrow is not a guarantee. If God can call John home at any time, he can also call anyone of us.

Live life large, like John did. Don't wait to do something that you always wanted to do. Do the things that people will remember you for...BE LIKE JOHN MEADOWS!

Today's Training

AirDyne: 30 mins

Bike Commute: 28 mins

Prowler: 15x120 yards

Sprints: 15x60 yards at 75%

RDL: 5x10

GHR: 5x10

Reverse Hyper: 5x10

Ab Wheel: 4x10

Bike Commute: 27 mins