I am back to filming and tracking my training again starting with last week. I should have last weeks training log and video up within the next few days. In the interim I did find a couple pieces of training footage during those weeks that I tossed into a video. I also dumped in some of the pictures I've already shared on my log for my youtube audience that doesn't make it over this way.

One important thing to note is how well my grip was holding up with a 670lb deadlift for reps and a long hold out. my grip strength went through the roof with the reduction in bloat in my hands. My biggest issue isn't my grip strength but the fact I can't get all the way around the bar. I also have a lot of swelling in my hands as they are downstream of my bad elbows that have had surgery on. My left hand being the worst with the more recent surgery.


Duffin Training Log