Still out of town so little different then normal schedule

Safety Squats-2 sets of 5 (felt really good)

Sled Pulls (forward backwards) 30 yards x 3 sets

Seated Dbell Shrugs hold at top 1 sec 3 sets 12 reps

Wide Grip Lat Pullowns x 20, Seated Row x 12 x weighted neutral grip pull ups x 5 (3 giant sets)

Abs and light neck throughout




Saturday (eccentric emphasis) all with 5 sec negative, forceful concentric

Seated Lateral Raise Machine-3 sets 6

Face Pulls 3 sets of 8

Incline Face down Front Raises barbell 10,8,5

Cross Body Lateral raise 3 sets 6

Occlusion Arm training 8 minutes

Monday (prissy gym did time under tension) all sets max reps in 30 sec

Tbar Row 3 sets

Leg Press 3 sets

Leg Curl 3 sets

Hip Abduction 3 sets

Hip Adduction 3 sets

one arm cable row

abs neck throughout