Training Week 4


  • SSB Box Squat: 230/260x3/290x10
  • Rear Delts: 5x10
  • FSL: 5x5@245
  • FBB Press: 5x10 (bar)
  • KB Row: 5x10


  • FBB Bench: 95/115x5/135x10
  • Rear Delts: 5x10
  • BBB: 5x10@95
  • T-Bar: 5x10
  • BB Shrugs: 5x10


  • Trap Bar: 235/270x3/305x10
  • Pull-ups: 5x5
  • FSL: 5x5@235
  • FBB Incline (2): 5x10
  • BB Curl: 5x10

Neck and Trap work done after each workout.

This was a pretty good week.  My plan of not moving on to the next cycle until I get 10 reps is working well.  I have had some success for the most part, but it causes me to focus and pay attention with my final set.

I'm still struggling with a good pace when there are other people in the weight room.  I train the best by myself.  Athletes ask questions and interrupt and it's my job is to help them so I struggle ignoring them.  None the less, I'm still training and it's going pretty well.  Life will sometimes get the better of you, but never stop training.


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