Tripod Rooting

C.J. Murphy from Total Sport in MA did an outstanding instructional video a couple weeks ago talking about "grounding".

Foot placement is so important when moving weight in the squat that I have made it a priority when we discuss technique (and we talk technique ALL of THE TIME)

I call it the tripod placement and outside edge because of the abundance of hockey players that are in my program.

Big toe/little toe/heal dug into the ground and now get to the outside edge of the blade which is synonymous with "pushing the floor apart".

However you get the glutes to engage!!!

Push the ground DOWN a opposed to the lifting the bar...Just a different way of thinking and it works pretty well for me and my clan.

Move the weight with such force that when the hips and knees reach terminal extension the weights forcefully stopping against the bar (since they are still in motion) make that Kurrr-chunk sound.

If you aren't hearing it, the weight is too heavy.

Use more force than necessary to move the weight at a high rate of speed.



Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 minutes

Dynamic Squat:







24" Box Jump: 10x1




Sprint: 10x50 yards @75%

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